What are CavernCores?

CavernCores are hosted physical GPU mining rigs. By minting or buying a CavernCores NFT, you are purchasing a hosted GPU mining rig. Each NFT in a given generation is identical, actual GPUs may vary by generation. Your rig will pay you Proof-of-Work mining rewards for whatever coin you have selected. For the duration of the hosting contract! Change address or coin anytime. Presently, changes may take up to 24h to take effect.

What can I do with my CavernCores NFT?

Each CavernCores NFT represents a physical hosted GPU mining unit. You can use them to mine Proof-of-Work coins to any address you choose, redeem the NFT to have the rig shipped to you, or sell it to someone else on OpenSea.

What happens if my rig becomes unprofitable to run?

Your electricity is prepaid and will continue mining the coin you have selected. Check sites like https://WhatToMine.com to see if another coin may be profitable!

What happens if one of the GPUs in my rigs fails?

All rigs are under warranty and guaranteed 90%+ quarterly uptime as long as they are hosted.

How can I see my mining performance and change my miner's settings?

Please sign a message with the NFT holding wallet in the DApp.

What if I want to mine a coin that is not listed?

Please contact Crypto Caverns to have it added.

Can I get my payouts in ETH?

Payouts happen on the selected coin's chain. Please be sure you provide a valid address for the chain. Crypto Caverns does not exchange user funds.

I just purchased a CavernCores NFT, do I need to update my mining address?

Yes! Just like any miner, you must update your payout address upon purchase for both freshly minted and secondary market NFTs.

Does my payout address have to match my ETH NFT holder address?

No! In fact, please be sure the address is a valid address for the chain you have selected to mine. At this time there is no automatic conversion to ETH.

Do I have to buy the NFT to get a CavernCores GPU rig?

No! Visit CryptoCaverns.com to buy rigs directly.

It's cheaper to just buy the rig. Why the NFT?

Of course, but the NFT adds efficiency and therefore value. You can sell 1 or 100 of your rigs 24/7, without weeks of downtime or a single roll of packing tape. Secondary market buyers know they are getting working units and are not limited to only buying from sellers with high marketplace reputation scores.

Should I try and game the whitelist for a bigger possible allocation?

Please don't. We can make arrangements for a private generation/fleet. Note that you'll likely be waiting about the same amount of time due to meatspace limitations, there is just no way around it.

So if I'm not a large buyer I just have to wait?

All mints are units ready to hash on day 0. If the wait list becomes sufficiently long we will begin issuing slightly discounted generations for those who would rather wait for their units to ship and not have to worry about minting.

What if the marketplace or smart contract is hacked?

Rigs are Safu. If the NFTs were compromised in a marketplace or NFT contract hack, rest assured the rigs have gone nowhere and we'd be able to void & re-issue them to their original owners. There's nothing we can do about personal wallets being stolen though, so please keep those wallets safe!

Isn't ETH 2.0/"The Merge" coming soon?

The security of various staking systems will never match that of Proof of Work and therefore it is unlikely to ever go away from the crypto space completely. As the metaverse gains popularity and demand for computing power increases, projects like RNDR, Livepeer, remote gaming and other parallel computing for hire systems could be supported in the future.

If I mine ETH, does my miner earn MEV?

Absolutely! 😀

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