CavernCores NFT

CavernCores NFT by CryptoCaverns allows you to buy a hosted mining rig and sell it trustlessly on the blockchain without having to physically move or ship your unit. All electricity and maintenance costs are included with the cost of the NFT until the specified expiration date. After that you may have the unit shipped to you, get a buyback offer from CryptoCaverns, or roll your unit over into a new generation NFT with topped off electricity.

The wallet with the NFT is the owner of the rig. Through the DApp, NFT holders can change the mining settings or redeem the NFT for shipping or buyback.

Crypto Caverns cannot help you with lost or stolen crypto wallets. Please research and practice the best methods for keeping your private keys safe!

Your rig will mine whichever coin you select to any address you set. Payouts are made in newly minted currency on your selected coin's chain, at this time we do not offer swaps or alternative currency payouts or chains.

Units will mine regardless of market conditions, please check sites like to determine profitability. CryptoCaverns will not autoswitch your rig settings.

All rigs are guaranteed to be operational while hosted with 90% uptime. Burnt cards will be replaced, and internet connectivity problems are on-us. Any shortfalls will be paid quarterly.

NFT holders also get access to a private customer only discord channel with priority service.

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